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International Conference
Origin of the State. Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt

(Cracow, Poland: 28th August - 1st September 2002)
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Recent Discoveries of Early Old Kingdom Structures in West Saqqara


Zaklad Archeologii Sródziemnomorskiej PAN, Warszawa (Poland)


The Polish-Egyptian archaeological mission excavating west of the Djoser pyramid has recently discovered remains of early IIIrd Dynasty structures and artifacts, as well as traces of an earlier necropolis nearby the pyramid's enclosure wall. Blue faience tiles, fragments of a stela with the Horus name of Netjerykhet (Djoser), as well as a ritual harpoon dating possibly from the early IIIrd Dynasty and re-used in the times of the VIth, inspire some reflections on the importance and development of Saqqara in the times of the Old Kingdom.


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