Early Dynastic Egypt Site: Some Images

Egyptian Archaic Sculpture (royal and private) Dynasty 0 to 3
by Francesco Raffaele
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This is only a summary of some of my website images (discussed in other pages of the site).
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Tattoo on the back of a pottery  female statuette, Badari
Badari clay statuette UC9601
U cemetery statuettes, Abydos (MDAIK 56, 2000 pl.5)
U cemetery statuettes
Mac Gregor basalt statuette, Ashmolean Museum Oxford 1922.70 (Naqada ?) h. 39,5 cm
Mac Gregor statuette
Cairo Museum and Ashmolean Colossi from Coptos, Head of one and Graffiti carved on them
Koptos Colossi
Hieraconpolis Limestone statue in Ashmolean Mus. E3925 (Quibell-Green pl. 57)
Hierakonpolis statue
Statuette, Munchen Staatliche Samml. Ag. Kunst, AS  7149 (Unknown provenance)
Munchen statuette
Berlin Staat. Mus.  22607 (unprovenanced; bought in 1927;  h. 52cm) Limestone Head of a King (from Narmer to the  II nd dynasty) Petrie Museum, University College, London (UC 15.989) Unprovenanced
Early Dyn. king head
British Mus. 37996
Abydos ivory statuette
British Museum 37996

Fitzwilliam E109.1898

Fitzwilliam M. Cambridge

Ninetjer (forgery ?)
Khasekhem in Cairo, Oxford and Boston
Khasekhem statues
La Dama di Napoli
Statue of a god, Brooklyn Mus. N.Y. 58.192 (Diorite) Unknown prov.
Diorite statue (Onuris?)
B.M. 171
Ankhwa (Bedjmes)
Redit (Turin)
Limestone head of a king statue (Late 3rd - early 4th Dynasty) Munchen Staatlich Sammlung Agypt. Kunst, AS 7086  (h. 5,7 cm)
Limestone head
Pink Granite colossal head of Huni (or Khufu) in N.Y. Brooklyn Museum 46.167 (h. 0,543 m)
Huni (?)