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Ancient Egyptian Reliefs on stone: Dynasty 0 to 4 by Francesco Raffaele Page 6

This is only a summary of some of my website images (discussed in other pages of the site).
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    Fragment of stela from Abydos cemetery B (tomb B10). Reign of Narmer or Aha. [W.M.F. Petrie, Abydos I, 8; fig. 13.168]. University College, London 14278. The image is from  http://www.petrie.ucl.ac.uk/
Narmer or Aha (?)
Cairo JdE 34992
Djer stela
Louvre Mus. (11007) : Stela of Horus Djet
Djet stela
Umm el Qaab: retainer's stela
Bruxelles E.0562 (1)
Den stela 1
- 2 ***
Saqqara tomb 3507 slab (Den period) British Mus. 67153 (Cf. A.J. Spencer, Catalogue BM, 1980, n. 16)
S3507 slab
Cairo Museum (JdE 34550): Stela of Queen Merneith from Abydos tomb Y (Umm el Qa'ab)
Merneith stela
Cairo Museum (CG 14633): Stela of Semerkhet from Abydos tomb  W (Umm el Qa'ab)
Semerkhet stela*
Stela of Qa'a, University Museum, Philadelphia  E 6878 (Petrie, Abydos pt. I, 1903  pl. V)
Qa'a stela
Cairo Museum (CG 14631): Stela of Qa'a from Abydos tomb Q (Umm el Qa'ab)
Qa'a stela
Nebra stela (Mit Rahina) NY, Metropolitan Mus. 60.144
Nebra stela
Peribsen stela from Umm el Qa'ab tomb P, Abydos (British Mus. 35597)
Peribsen stela
Peribsen stela from Umm el Qa'ab tomb P, Abydos (Cairo Museum)
Peribsen stela
Gebelein (?), temple decoration fragment , Cairo Museum (TL 20/1/21/7)
Gebelein (?)
Gebelein, temple decoration fragment (late 2nd dyn) Turin Museum S. 12.341
Gebelein fragment
Cairo Museum (JE 33896):  part of a pink granite door-jamb of Khasekhemwy from Hieraconpolis (cfr. gallery 0 for the frontal relief)
Araba el Madfuna (Abydos): Granite Stela of Khasekhemwy (MDAIK 36, 1980). Thanks to John Degreef
Djoser boundary stela (Saqqara complex)
Djoser stela
Some of the reliefs of Netjerykhet from his small naiskos temple at heliopolis (Schiapparelli)
Heliopolis reliefs
Wooden panels of Hesyra (plates after W. Wood, in: JARCE 15, 1978, 9-24)
Hesyra panels
- 2
Panels of Hesyra (from Saqqara S2405) Quibell, Excavations at Saqqara 1911-1912, The Tomb of Hesy (1913) (plates after W. Wood, in: JARCE 15, 1978, 9-24)
Hesyra panels
Relief of Djoser from Wadi Maghara, Sinai (references on the image)
Wadi Maghara:
Wadi Maghara (Sinai): Sekhemkhet relief
Wadi Maghara:
Zanakht (Wadi Maghara, Sinai) British Mus. 691
Wadi Maghara:
Qa Hedjet: Third Dynasty stela in the Louvre Museum (E 25982)
Qa Hedjet
Shery (Saqqara B3)
Shery false door

Courtesy of: * Peter Nagy (professional photographer), ** John D. Degreef, *** Christine Van Heertum.