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Various objects (3): Predynastic and Early Dynastic vessels (Naqada I - Naqada III, c. 3900-3000 BC)
by Francesco Raffaele
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This is only a summary of some of my website images (discussed in other pages of the site).
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Rectangular jar from el-Amrah (Naqada IIa)
Golenischeff bowl  (Moscow Fine Arts Museum 2947) Naqada I  double vessel, Museo Egizio di Torino inv. S 1823   Naqada I  bowl, Museo Egizio di Torino inv. S 1827 Abydos tomb U-415, U637  C-ware vessels (Naqada Ic). Cf. Rita Hartmann, in Dreyer et al., MDAIK 59, 2003, 80ff.
Abydos tomb U-239 (Naqada Ic) C-ware vessel
London, UC 15339 C-ware beaker (photos from: http://www.petrie.ucl.ac.uk/digital_egypt/  - drawing from: B. Williams, 'Decorated pottery and the Art of Naqada III', 1988, fig. 36) Brussels E3002 beaker (drawing after B. Williams, 'Decorated pottery and the Art of Naqada III', 1988, fig. 35)
Decorated bowl from Qustul, cemetery L, tomb 23 (drawing by F. Raffaele)D-ware vessel British Museum 35324

D-ware vessel, Berlin Museum 15129

Modern forged decorations on Egyptian predynastic (Naqada II) pottery Naqada IIIB (early C1) serekhs and other possible indicators of royal names (by F. Raffaele)*

Development of gravegoods from Naqada I to Naqada III
Map of the main sites of Predynastic Egypt

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