Hippopotamus hunt palette
Ashmolean Mus., Oxford 1895.841 (Naqada IIb)
Gerzeh palette (Naqada IId)
Min palette / El Amrah pal.  (Naqada IId1)
Ostrichs palette / Manchester pal.  (Naqada IId2)
Four dogs palette (Louvre pal.)
Hunters palette (h. 66.8 cm)

20 Predynastic Palettes arranged according to their relative scale

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F. Raffaele
Oxford (Minor) Hierakonpolis palette (Dogs  or Ashmolean palette)
Brussels palette fragment (Donkey palette)
Manshiyet el Ezzat palette (found in a tomb dated to Den's reign)
Metropolitan M.A. palette
Michailidis palette fragment
Munagat palette fragment
Vultures or Battlefield palette
Narmer palette Cairo (h. 63.5 cm)
Berlin Spiegelberg Prunkpalette
Plover palette (Cairo)
Tehenu palette (Towns or Libyan Booty palette) Cairo
Hands palette (earlier?)