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Ancient Egyptian Decorated Palettes
by Francesco Raffaele
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Naqada I palettes
Hippopotamus hunt palette
Elephant palette (Amratian-Early Gerzean)
4 palettes of Naqada I period at University College, London
3 Late Naqada I (-early II) palettes
Barbary goat palette, British Museum EA20910 (Naqada Ic-IIa)

Naqada II palettes

Turtles page (Berlin Ägypt. Mus. 10595 palette) Naqada I-II

Ram palette in Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (1895.855)
Ashmolean Mus., Oxford 1895.841 (Naqada IIb)
Two Ibex UC palette (Naqada I-II)
Desert Donkey (uncertain date)
Anchor or Double Bird "Pelta" Palette

El Ahaiwah Canid palette
British Museum palette (Naqada IIc)
Gerzeh palette (Naqada IId)
Ostrichs palette / Manchester pal.  (Naqada IId2)
Min palette / El Amrah pal.  (Naqada IId1)
Barbier-Muller Mus.  palette (Naqada IId)
Bird palette in Louvre Museum (Naqada IId-IIIc)
Naqada III
palettes >>>

Hartebeest fragment UC London (Naqada IId-IIIc)
Kilchberg collection
Ibis palette (Naqada IIIa-b)
Min Antelope palette (Naqada IId-IIIc)
Trussed goose palette (Uncertain date)
Wien decorated fish-shaped palette (Naqada IIIa-c)
Michailidis palette fragment
Four dogs palette (Louvre pal.)
Brussels palette fragment (Donkey palette)
Oxford (Minor) Hierakonpolis palette (Dogs  or Ashmolean palette)
Louvre Palette fragment
Munchen fragment with ibexes and lion

Brooklyn palette fragment

Hunters palette
Metropolitan M.A. palette
Louvre frag. 2
München Oryx fragment
Munagat palette fragment
Oryx palette (Cairo palette)
Geese palette
Beirut palette fragment (Louvre frag.)
Brooklyn-Cairo fragments
Warrior pelette fragment
Berlin Spiegelberg Prunkpalette
Berlin Prunkpalette 2
Falcon fragment (UC)
Vultures or Battlefield palette
Bull palette (Louvre)
Tehenu palette (Towns or Libyan Booty palette) Cairo
2 Swiss palettes

3 Late Predynastic palettes in Cairo Museum
Tarkhan t. 1579 palette (UC 15841)
Abu 'Umuri palette (unfinished)
Plover palette (Cairo)
Narmer palette Cairo
Sketch fragment of a palette of Narmer (Cairo JdE 72034)
Fragment of palette from Abydos B19 (earlier?)
Hands palette (earlier?)
Ka-shaped decorated palette from Helwan (early Dyn 1)
Neith palette Brussels
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